Essay about Online Classes Are More Flexible Than Conventional Education

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The Increase in the Offering of Online Classes During the last decades the methods and technologies of the education had been evolving. One of the areas effected by that development is online education. The improvement in online education encourages educational institutes to increase in the offering of online classes. These classes provide perfect education in modern and comfortable approach, though internet and students electronic devices, such as, cell phones, computers, or tablets. Thus, the online classes use technology to perform the concept of traditional education, but at the same time, online classes are more flexible than conventional education. Also they ensure a quality of education for the students. Although, they economize effort and money, which motivate students to continue their education via online classes. At the same time, some students do not believe online classes, because they miss the social interaction between the teachers and their students. However, the rising of the students’ demand led to the increase in the offering of online classes, because these classes are flexible, very cheap, and the students have an opportunity to study at the best universities around the world from their homes. At a specified time, and class with a special teacher, these are the bedrock principles of the classic type of the education. In contrast, flexibility is the main feature of online education, these classes sometimes support students to attend their…

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