Essay on One Day at Work

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One day at work

The first thing I do is to sign the fire log with the time when I come in. It is important to sign in because in case a fire starts my colleagues will know that I am in the building.
I am participating at the handover, is important to join the handover in the morning because I need to be informed if are any issues with the residents I am going to work with.
I am going to check the allocation with the team leader, it is important to find out if I have to escort a resident to hospital or I am working on the floor and which residents I am allocated to. I check the residents if they are alright and after I start the breakfast.
Every day I do the menu for the next day, I ask for their opinion, I read for them what is on
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Preparing for moving and handling: I wash my hands and ensure I am wearing suitable clothing and footwear; I check the care plan and assess risks to the individual and to myself before starting any move; if the risk assessment states that more than one member of staff is required to perform the procedure, ensure that one or more colleagues are available to assist me. Remove potential hazards and prepare the immediate environment. I ask the individual about the best way of moving, or assisting, him or her. I explain the procedure at each stage, even where it may not be obvious that you are understood. Explain how the equipment operates; check that I have the agreement of the person I am moving. I stop immediately if the individual does not wish me to continue. I make sure I wash my hands before and after moving individuals.
When I give a bath or a shower I make sure that the room is warm before the person undresses older people are more sensitive to heat and cold than younger people. Check that the floor is not slippery. Think about using non-slip mats if necessary. Make sure that any blinds or curtains are closed and that no one else is likely to walk into the bathroom. Ensure I will not be disturbed or distracted and will not have to leave the person alone. Check that the water temperature is not too hot or too cold. You can buy a heat sensor that sticks to the side of the bath

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