Omer Levesque's Contribution To The Korean War

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Born in Montreal and with French-speaking parents, Omer levesque was inspired to be in the Royal Canadian Air Force ever since he was a little boy. He did not know how to speak English very well so Omer joined the local militia unit and became the lieutenant there. Later joining the RCAF, and on March 31, 1951 he was the very first pilot to shoot down a Korean plane during the Korean war. Omer Levesque and other Canadian forces contribution to the war lead to Canada causing a significant impact. During the Korean war, Canada was the second biggest factor that prevented North Korea from invading Seoul again because they offered the third largest force, gave significant support to the United States, and the Royal Canadian Air Force was a major …show more content…
Australia offered 900 troops in the war.(Edwards 514). While Greece sent 10,000 servicemen and they sent the Royal Hellenic Air force composed of 397 men with c-47 skytrain. The Greece air force also helped evacuate 1000 people(Edwards 517).Another United Nation ally, Belgium had 900 people in their volunteer corps which all were from the 1st Belgian Battalion(Edwards 515).
Comparing Canadian contributions to the other 3 countries shows just how much Canada contributed to this war. Even if you add all of the contributions from the countries together it is not more than the Canadian forces. Without Canada the Allies would have had a much more difficult time during the war and possibly would have been defeated by the North Korean. This also proves how when the United Nation countries joined the war it was not all the forces that caused the impact, but mainly Canada. Which is why Canada was the second biggest reason that the North Korean Forces could not invade seoul
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The Canadian Air force during the war played a support role as most of the Canadian Air Force was used to transport and send medical and military supplies. This is shown because the Canadian forces flew over 2,200 combat missions and over 1,500 round-trip airlift flights. Furthermore the Canada sent Canadian nurses which helped in nearly 250 medical evacuation flight(Mills 26). The impact of the Canadian saved many lives of soldiers and civilians during the war. The Canadian engineers at the time also built a aircraft called the Canadair North Stars which was eventually flown by transport squadrons and Canada DHC-2 Beavers were in service with the US army(Mills

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