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Oil Drilling Jasmine A. Richardson Freshman Seminar Friday 10:20-11:20 Throughout the years the government has spent millions of dollars on oil drilling. But what is the actual purpose of oil drilling? Is it necessary? Are we spending too much money on this one project or is it useful in the end? These questions have been debated so much over and over again. But the question is am I for or against oil drilling? Oil drilling takes up too much time and money for one simple purpose. It takes

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The acid dissolves channels into the limestone that lead the oil to the well. That process alone just spent millions of dollars from the government. Recently the Obama administration’s required much more detailed environmental reviews for deep-water drilling and it upset not only the oil industry but it upset the environmentalist too. So if this is causing more controversy than it is helpful to society why are they still wasting money on one project like this?

Who do we blame for this? Environmentalists blame president Obama for approving drilling off the U.S. coast. But President Obama did address that it was “not a decision I’ve made lightly.” Government says that it’s the only way it can get done and that we need the “nuclear power” and “clean energy resources” to “move us from an economy that runs on fossil fuels and foreign oil that relies more on homegrown fuels and clean energy.” It was no secret that one of the reasons he chose this decision was attracting republican support for a sweeping climate change bill that has languished congress. The government says they are saving money versus the past oil drilling processes which is true they have but couldn’t they find cheaper and less damaging resources also? There is a plan that modified a ban for more than 20 years on drilling along the coastal areas other than the Gulf of Mexico. Eventually after time if they continue to do oil drills in the Gulf of Mexico it too
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