Oh Little Red Riding Hood Analysis

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If your mother told to you not to stray off the path, would you actually listen to her? Young girls don’t really tend to listen to their mothers because when they want to explore the world and see what's out there, but the mothers want them to be safe and do what they need to get done. In “Little Red Riding Hood” by Charles Perrault and “Little Red Cap” by Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm (The Grimm Brothers), they both tell a story about a young girl who is bringing goods to her sick grandmother in the woods. The mother tells Little Red to not stray off the path because it is dangerous and there are wolves in the woods and she doesn’t want her daughter to get hurt. In both short stories and the song “Hello Little Girl” from Into the Woods Little Red is being very polite to the wolf and tells him where her grandmother’s house is. The common theme we see is one of good versus evil. In the song “Hello Little Girl”, the wolf acts very kind towards Little Red and she …show more content…
According to Perrault, the moral of the story is that "attractive, well-bred young ladies, should never talk to strangers, for if they do so, they may well provide dinner for a wolf.” (Perrault 1396). Comparing this to “Little Red Cap” by the Grimm Brothers, I feel that Little Red actually learned her lesson from the mistakes she made in the past. In the second story by the Grimm Brothers, Little Red makes a trip back to her grandmother’s house, and this time she also encountered a wolf, but instead of the wolf luring her away from the path, she went straight on to her grandmother’s house and told her that she had seen a wolf. Both the grandmother and Little Red devise a plan to kill this wolf who was waiting for Little Red to leave so he could eat her. In the end of the story, the wolf was killed and Little Red “returned home happily, and no one harmed her.” (Grimm Brothers

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