Essay about Office Needs New Computers With A Printer

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According to the task given the office needs new computers along with a printer. The computers must be connected through a shared line so that data can be shared within the computers. The printer that is going to be used would also need to be connected with the computers so that every computers can share the printer which means the computers do not need individual printers to print something from them. So all in all we need LAN (Local Area Network) in this office.
A LAN (Local Area Network) is a computer network which works in a small area such as office. Most LANs are confined to a single working space, but however one LAN can be connected to other LANs via telephone lines or radio waves over any distance. Actually LAN connect workstations together. Each node or workstation in a LAN has its own CPU (Central Processing Unit) and is able to access devices or data and transfer data anywhere on the LAN. This means many users can share one single printer or scanner as well as data. Users can also communicate with each other by sending e-mail or engaging in chat sessions. LANs are capable of transferring data at a very high speed but the distance are limited and the number of computers are also limited that can be attached to a single LAN.
At first we need to identify or determine which type of sharing topology is going to be used here and how it will work. There are 3 (three) kinds of topology; Bus, Star and Ring topology for sharing data through computers. A Bus topology, also…

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