Oceans Of Pollution By Dahr Jamail Essay

817 Words Mar 22nd, 2015 4 Pages
Oceans of Pollution is written by Dahr Jamail a journalist from America. He wrote this article to inform the public about how serious the pollution in oceans is getting and just how fast it is growing. The use of logical statistics and quotes show that Jamail has put research into this article to make sure the facts are true. With the amount of people doing research and tracking the dead zones around the world there should be more that humans can do to help with the problem, yet still the problem is not getting better. Many animals are dying and oxygen is being lost from all of the chemicals put into the ocean. The number of dead zones continue to grow yearly. The pollution keeps getting worse rather than better. It is time for humans to start realizing what amazing things the ocean does for them and start to help the ocean get back to its original health.

The Author pulls the audience in using photos to trigger their emotions. The first picture of a young boy with washed up garbage and plastic on the beach all around him shows the seriousness of the pollution and how it is effecting people‚Äôs lives. The second picture used to trigger emotions shows an oil rig that has spilt hundreds of litres of oil into the ocean. This shows that the oil industry has impacted the oceans health and caused the pollution of the oil spill to kill hundreds of marine life and wreck many of their habitats. Other photos used in the article show the amount of dead zones worldwide that are growing…

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