Analysis Of Toothfish By David Greenfield

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Greenfield, David W. "Toothfish." World Book Student, World Book, 2017, Accessed 29 Nov. 2017. David Greenfield wrote about what type of fish are being overfished and if they are just the ones that can be eaten.The main type of fish being overfished are the fish that people need to eat for food. For example tuna, Goliath Groupers and most sharks. They are all hunted for food to meet the demands of humans. David Greenfield wrote mostly about how the toothfish was overfished for its meat because the fish is very rich in flavor, high fat content and has a good texture. People have been overfishing them to meet the high demands of them.
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The ocean would not be able to filter out pollutants and regulate the world temperature. If this would happen the world would become extremely hot and would be very toxic. The world would be a really uncomfortable place to live in. People who can not afford meats like red meat would begin to starve with no other way to get their protein and that will lead to a worse life for everyone of the earth. Halliday, Elizabeth. "Ocean pollution." World Book Student, World Book, 2017, Accessed 29 Nov. 2017.
Elizabeth Halliday tells us in her article that it is not true that overfishing is the only cause of the decrease in the fish population. She says that some other causes in the decrease in the fish population is ocean pollution and litter in the ocean. Some fish die or get very ill for many reasons. One example, is if there’s an oil spill then fish in the area would most likely die. The pollution might make the fish very ill or kill them. If fish eat a piece of trash it might clog their stomach and they won't be able to eat.
Krysten, Jetson. “Impact of Overfishing On Human Lives.” Marine Science Today, 8 Apr. 2014,

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