The Importance Of Clean Water And Water Pollution

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came to be. It was made so old products could be made anew (i.e. paper), and it also helped maintain up to 2,400 pounds of carbon dioxide annually. Also more actions have been created to lessen the amount of greenhouse gases that were released into the atmosphere and air. “CFL lightbulbs were created to emit less heat, last 10 times longer than the standard light bulb, and they use two-thirds less energy”. Acid rain is also having things done in order to reduce the amount that falls, and to completely remove all the chemicals from the sky that was there previously. Cleaning up smokestacks and exhaust pipes keeps damaging sulfurous gases from emitting into the atmosphere, and bands of people are actually going out to the damaged ecosystems and …show more content…
A large ecosystem of our world is being affected, and that is the planet’s oceans, rivers, lakes, and other large sources of clean water. Water is one of the fundamental needs for life to strive and prosper, but water scarcity and water pollution is a large issue for our lives today. In a direct link to the reading assignment of “The Box”, some ships sometimes leak oil into the ocean and sometimes the containers that they carry can fall into the ocean due to weak securement and could have damaging chemicals that could harm the life that live in that area. Due to the harmful effects of the toxic waste, some areas called Dead Zones exist. Sewage in large quantities depletes the amount of oxygen in the water, and when too much oxygen is erased, the polluted area can no longer support underwater life. There is over four-hundred of the Dead Zones around the world which causes major damage to the health of

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