Essay about Occupational Therapy

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According to the World Federation of Occupational Therapy, occupational therapy is a profession which is concerned with the promotion of well-being and health of individuals through engaging them in occupation. It is a holistic healthcare profession with an aim to promote health in individuals by enabling them to perform purposeful and meaningful activities across their lifespan. Occupational therapist by using different treatments help their patients with a mental, physical or developmental conditions to recover, develop or maintain daily work and life skills in themselves. OT is client-centered and see client as an integral part in the process of Occupational therapy. Therapist gives individualized attention and
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If people perform their given roles with competence, their self-esteem gets high which help them to feel content with the different roles they are playing in their life. If they don’t perform them with competence, their self-esteem gets low and they do not feel content with their roles, which in turn affects their relationship with others and causes behavioral, psychological and health problems in them.

That’s where occupational therapy comes in. Occupational therapists help an individual to define himself as successful individual by developing a stable, positive and competent occupational identity, establish and maintaining his/her relationships with the people around him/her, and do community participation. Occupational therapy develops in a person the ability to desire, perceive, recall, plan and carry out routines, roles tasks for the purpose of productivity, self-maintenance, leisure and rest in response to demands of the internal and external environment (Carpenter, pp.310-313).

This essay will explore and critique the therapeutic occupation of playing the piano, for John an elderly gentleman who suffers an auto immune disease – Rheumatoid Arthritis; an incurable inflammatory disease mainly affecting the joints. The rationale for choosing this occupation is based upon current evidence that suggests it has fundamental links which provide an array of therapeutic benefits to promote wellbeing.

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