Health And Safety Procedures Case Study

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Explain each of the following Occupational Health and Safety Procedures

Clinic Procedure if there is a fire

"1. Assist any person in immediate danger - if safe to do so
2. Close the door
3. Call the Fire Brigade on: 000
4. Attack the fire if safe to do so
5. Evacuate to assembly area
6. Remain in assembly area to ensure everybody is accounted for"
(APPLY SAFE WORKING PRACTICES - Learning Material, 2015) p.23

Clinic first aid procedure if there is an accident and someone is hurt

1. Apply first aid to the wound/injury (ie. treating burns, stopping bleeding, apply dressings)
2. Fill out an Accident Report to record details of the person/s injured, what injury was sustained, on what part of the body, how and where the incident occurred,
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• Alternatively, it might be possible to separate the merchandise into smaller, management divisions.

You have noticed that one of the casual staff in the store is not using correct safe lifting techniques I would approach the staff member to ask if they have been advised of the correct lifting techniques. I would assist the staff member by demonstrating the correct safe lifting techniques.
Although a person conducting a business has an obligation, as far as reasonably possible, to make sure that employees and other persons are not exposed to health and safety risks within the workplace, employees have a duty to comply with the policies and procedures (including health and safety) set up within the workplace, as well as their own health and safety, and health and safety of others within the workplace.

A customer has spilled a drink on the floor To ensure the safety of all persons within the workplace, including visitors, immediately place a sign over the spill and have the spill cleaned up promptly so as to minimise the risk of
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