Obviou Pop Culture Case Study

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Globalization is predominantly viewed from a more economic interaction point of view; with little attention given the consequences that global harmonization has on indigenous cultures. A lot of attention has been given to economic, trade and financial flows with universally binding or guidelines on how partners in the globalization phenomenon should operate. Issues of environmental and human right concerns, also attract attention, and even gain closer impetus than issues related to the cultural clashes or benefits that globalization generate. The reason why the effects of globalization on local cultures turn to be undermined is because the consequences are usually not as visible and tangible as it is with monetary, financial flows and economic trends. Some of the changes are so subtle that it takes a long period to see the …show more content…
It is driven by its diversified tentacles ranging from “movies, music, television shows, newspapers, satellite broadcasts, fast food and clothing, among other entertainment and consumer goods” (Globalization 101, n.d). The biggest driving forces that have made it to invade the world are America’s financial power, population and language homogeneity. America's power to influence the world economically due to her financial might is enormous, From the film industry to magazines, from financial assistance to assistance in governance, from military invention to intelligence support, from dressing to food types, etc, the USA has been very instrumental and influential in almost every sphere of global life. Resistance from Britain, Canada, Columbia and other world powers have not succeeded to stop USA from dominating the world either directly or indirectly. All these influences directly get over-bearing on cultures and constantly change them. There is no sign that the trends will change soon, as world cultures are constantly influence by the American

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