Essay on Obsessive Compulsive Disorder

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Obsessive Compulsive Disorder

Obsessed with germs and the thought of being dirty, infected and otherwise unclean, Bob washes his hands hundreds of times a day and rarely ever touches any thing before disinfecting it and himself. This is what millions of people suffering from Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) deal with every day. OCD has many shapes and sizes which make it incredibly complex to diagnose and treat. Since there is not a cure or a known cause for OCD, there are just theories, studies, and good judgments to go by in order to help patients who suffer from OCD. According to Jeffrey Schmwartz M.D. “no one really knows why some people develop the disorder and other’s do not”. Men and women are equally likely to suffer
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37). Many different studies and cases show that it is fairly certain OCD is partly genetically transmitted. “Frequently, parents of people with OCD were rigid and inflexible and became very uncomfortable if things were not done in a certain way” (Schmwartz, M Jeffrey M.D. pg. 31). One study found that patients who suffer from OCD usually had other first degree family members who suffered from OCD or had tendency which were a bit more compulsive then the “normal” human. When asked, an OCD patient felt that twenty to thirty percent of there first degree relatives were known to have OCD. More research needs to be done on the basis of heredity in OCD but it seems as though something is influencing OCD in a family/genetic way. Another possibility for a cause is the chemical serotonin which is found in the brain. “There is not yet a way to measure levels of serotonin or observe serotonin in active living humans” (Stekeetee, Gail Ph.D. pg 43). All the ways in which serotonin can be measured at this time are indirect and cannot be used as a parallel statistics. Through studies of blood platelets, spinal fluid, and different drug affects, scientist have seen there could be a direct link between serotonin levels and OCD. Further studies can only increase our understanding of serotonin. Another possibility scientist are studying at this time is potty

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