Obsessive Compulsive Disorder Essay

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I have always been fascinated with behavioral disorders, especially OCD. I learned about OCD a few years ago when I was reading a medical journal. At first, it seemed like something very odd. The idea that otherwise normal people can do such strange things, and not be able to control themselves was fascinating. I wanted to know more about this topic, which is why I chose to write my paper on it. I thought that by knowing more about the subject, I will be able to better understand how these people's lives can be literally taken over by their constant worries and anxiety. Also, I think a lot of people exhibit these behaviors and aren't even aware that they may have a severe problem, and more importantly, that they can be getting
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These brain structures use the chemical messenger serotonin. It is believed that insufficient levels of serotonin are involved in OCD. Even though it is clear that serotonin levels play a role in OCD, there is no laboratory test for the diagnosis of OCD. Rather, the diagnosis is made based on an assessment of the person's symptoms. One such test from the OCD Foundation is the Florida Obsessive Compulsive Inventory Obsessive Compulsive Disorder screening test, developed by Dr.


Wayne Goodman of the University of Florida (1994). It is an inventory of symptoms of OCD, and it can aid in the diagnosis of the disorder.

One of the main questions associated with OCD is, when does OCD begin? Well, OCD can start anytime from preschool age to adulthood. One-third to one half of adults with OCD report that it started during childhood. Unfortunately, OCD often goes unrecognized. Studies have found that it takes an average of 17 years from the OCD begins for people to obtain appropriate treatment. People with OCD may b secretive about their symptoms, be embarrassed about their compulsions, or lack insight about their illness, causing them to not seek treatment. This is unfortunate, because earlier diagnosis and proper treatment can help people avoid the suffering associated with OCD and lessen the risk of developing other problems, such as marital and work problems (OCD Foundation, 2000).

There are many other problems that are sometime

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