Obsessive Compulsion Disorder ( Huey ) Essay

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There has been recent research that has stated that obsession-compulsion disorder involves the dysfunction in a neuronal loop that runs from the orbital frontal cortex to the cingulate gyrus, striatum (cuadate nucleus and putamen), globus pallidus, thalamus and then back to the frontal cortex (Yerevanian, 2010). To back up The Carlat Psychiatry Report’s research, supporting the hypothesis is the results of neurosurgical treatment of obsession-compulsion disorder (Huey, 2010). Believed to mediate anxiety or other emotional symptoms is the limbic system, which in conjunction with Papez circuit, the cingulotomy interrupts the loop at the anterior cingulate cortex (The Carlat Psychiatry Report, 2014). In the same aspect, the fronto-thalamic fibers are believed to be interrupted by anterior capsulotomy (lesions within the anterior limb of the internal capsules) and subcaudate tractotomy (lesions in the substantia innominata, just under the head of the caudate nucleus) (Huey et al., 2010); while these interrupt the fronto-thalamic fibers, it has been recently researched to have an effect on mediating obsessive and compulsive behaviors of obsession-compulsion disorder (Huey et al., 2010). From the Rapoport of the National Institute of Mental Health, Dr. Judith L. proposed that the basal ganglia is turned on incorrectly in obsession-compulsion disorder, after creating a neurological model of OCD that describes both the anatomical and clinical evidence (Huey et al., 2010). The…

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