Essay on Observations of Chemical Changes

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In this lab we were asked to observe changes and colors when mixing two or three chemicals together. The actual experiment itself used twelve different pipits and three chemicals I selected from my house. To begin, I first gathered everything, including the 96 well plate, 24 well plate, goggles, and gloves along with the observations of chemical changes bag. I set it up all on the the kitchen table that had paper towels on it. Next, I made my data table so that I could record my reactions. Third, I sat all the pipets in the 24 well plate. At this point, I began the lab by following the instructions for each chemical. I had to drop two drops of the first chemical into one well, followed by two drops of the second chemical
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To me it appeared that the Cleaner with bleach is a heavy base and the Mr. Clean Antibacterial and Multi Surface cleaner are heavy acids. However, I would have thought the opposite. My assumption is based on the fact that the product with bleach could be very hard and damaging on something it touched. While the other two are gentle when using them and clean up with no damage.
I noticed some trends while doing this lab. For example, question one wanted to know how we would test material for the presence of sodium bicarbonate. The way we would do that would be to add equal parts of HCl and HaHCO3. If bubbles formed you would know that there is a presence of Sodium Bicarbonate. That is displayed in well number A1. Another change was due simply from changing from a piece of white paper to a piece of black paper. One other change noticed was that of the precipitation, how when the second color was added it made a cloudy, thicker looking appearance. Based on the chemicals you are using different chemicals can give off some of the same effects when mixing them up. For example, when I did question two, I noticed that bubbles formed with the multi surface cleaner that contained ammonia, when mixed with BTB. And in well A1 bubbles were present with that mixture of chemicals.
My recommendation on what may improve

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