Essay on Objective Evaluation of Foods

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LABORATORY EXERCISE 1 Objective Evaluation of Foods


Jessa Mae L. Cubero Ana Rica S. Navarra Abegail Nicca S. Oafallas

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9 December 2008


Introduction……….3 An overview on Food Evaluation 3 The Importance of Evaluation and Analysis on Food Science 3 Objectives of the Laboratory Exercise 3 Keywords: Words on Focus 4

Methodology……….4 Measurement of Weight/Volume of Foods 4 Determination of Colors of Foods 5 Determination of pH of foods 5 Determination of Titratable
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etc.) of the various instruments used to measure characteristics such as weight, volume, pH, acidity and soluble solids concentration 3) Provide knowledge regarding the said characteristics and be able to appreciate its relevance in the study of food science 4) Teach the students in interpreting the data/measurements gathered which resulted from calculations 5) Have a strong foundation on analysis of food characteristics and be able to apply them in food manufacturing and distribution which may hopefully benefit the people

Words on Focus

Titratable acidity Soluble Solids Concentration

pH reading

standardization calibration


In this laboratory exercise done in class, different samples were assigned to each group to evaluate. Using the different tools and equipments provided inside the laboratory, characteristics such as weight, volume, pH, titratable acidity and soluble solids concentration were measured and recorded. The food sample assignments are as follows:

* sample assigned to our group

The specific brands provided by the marketers for the group’s assigned samples were Coca Cola (regular,330 ml) and Kopiko 3-in-1 Instant Coffee (3

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