Objectification Of Black Women Essay

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Though women are universally exploited by the media, North American advertisements depict women differently based on race. Women of colour are more sexualized in the society based on their bodies; they have historically been stereotyped as having bigger butts, hips, breast, and lips. They are often captured in graphic positions such as with their legs open, posing on all fours or in an aggressive manner that conversely extends a deviant solicitation of their body, and, therefore, are hypersexualized in various lewd manners. Black women are often depicted by the media in imagery that alludes to an animalistic nature; such representations serve to dehumanize them, which in turn, reduces their worth and normalizes society 's objectification of black women.
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It traces back to the early days of colonization; for black women, it is more of an intersectional issue between sexism and racism it goes hand in hand. The media portrayed them as sexually ‘liberated ' in the sense that there were very accepting of sexual activities. This made it easy media to turn it around and associate promiscuity with black women. In the past, it was not an option for them to refuse their white oppressors ' desire to have sex. This stereotype has also been associated with animalistic traits. Most music videos show these black women as strippers, movies stress the fact that these are mostly uneducated, resentful, angry and men-hating women, who mostly rely on child support for their personal upkeep. The titles attributed to African American women are objectifying and connects them to being oppressed; they show them in the light of always needing men financially or seeking to please them sexually. The media has in turn highlighted the racial stereotypes surrounding black women; their social problem is mostly connected to their

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