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Obesity is a problem that affects virtually every person on the planet. Everyone knows someone who is overweight or they themselves are overweight. In this research paper we will be looking at the topic of obesity and the social ramifications that it holds. We will first look at obesity in a broad way. Then we will focus on obesity and its effects on children. And finally, obesity and adulthood will be covered. The topic of obesity is important to the field of sociology because obese

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The early years of a person's life are arguably the most important part of a person's life. The majority of critical development occurs during the childhood and adolescent years. If there is a factor or factors present that would ostracize a person from their peers, then there is a much higher risk of said person not developing correctly. Obesity can and does act in this way. Fat children are constantly barraged with the pressure to become thin during the time that they are most concerned with fitting in wit their peers. People seem to think it necessary to offer their judgment and advice to fat children. Fat children are often berated with insults from strangers. It is as though people think that because they are fat that they have no feelings. When obese kids are not dealing with the insults and nasty looks of strangers and classmates, they have to manage the "friendly fire" from well meaning families, peers and teachers. For example;

"Birthdays were not usually a big deal in my family, but this one was different. I knew it would be good. I was about to turn sixteen. I had been looking forward to it for months, hoping my parents would give me a bike or a puppy. When I saw my present, I was crushed. They gave me a Weight Watchers cookbook and a scale. It was devastating to me.

"Years later, when I was in college, my mother acknowledged how terrible it had made me feel. She explained to me that, at the time, she was very depressed about my
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