Obesity : Paying Heavy Consequences Essay

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Obesity : Paying Heavy Consequences

The United States has one of the highest obesity rates in the world. Obesity has become an epidemic and major global health problem. The numbers of obese people have drastically risen for all age groups. It has been a long debated whether to categorized obesity as a disease or not. Some sources believe obesity is a disease because it has the characteristics and symptoms like a disease. People die every year because of obesity. Nevertheless, obesity occurs when a person takes in excessively amount of calories more than he or she burns through exercising or other activities. Recent studies proved that nearly two third of adults in America are overweight. According to information in a newsletter of American Medical Association, millions people in America weight over twenty percent of their body’s ideal weight. Eating habit and inactivity play significant role in obesity. Those behaviors have steadily become more destructive and harmful for the society. Therefore, obesity cannot be classified as a disease since it is the result of unhealthy way of life exemplified by overeating, behavior choice of not enough exercising and malfunctioning of ability to control normal body weight.
According to The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, obesity is a genetic disorder like diabetes and could classify as disease. Diabetic causes by genetic and passes through family. It is clearly has a powerful relationship with inborn component. Because of that…

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