Obesity : Obesity And Obesity Essay

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Currently, the increased mortality rate of people who has obesity and diabetes is about forty percent in Australia, this is approximately the same as the increased mortality hazard found amongst smokers. And this rate has been increased 6 percent since 1996. Consider that, obesity and diabetes indeed are the leading problems in the most western countries, and especially in the United States and Australia nowadays. Obesity is be described that people who are highly overweight and defined by the WHO (World Healthy Organization) using the BMI (body mass index). Obesity is a result of excessive accumulation of fat or triacylglycerol when the adipose tissue mass increased, and the adipocyte 's number and molar volume are overly increasing, and further the adipocyte storage the excessive energy intake as body fat. Obesity is also the common risk factor for many diseases, like coronary disease, and hypertension these kinds of major diseases. And also obesity is a major inducement of the type 2 diabetes (there is no connection between type 1 diabetes and obesity).
However, people often blames to carbohydrates or sugar is the problem that caused obesity and diabetes. And the article "Could You Cut Your Sugar Intake to 6 Teaspoons a Day" states that excess sugar intake is the major cause of obesity. But this is not true, or sugar cannot take the whole blame. Yes, carbohydrates are a major energy source for the body, overly take sugar might cause obesity and diabetes (high blood…

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