Essay about Obesity Is Becoming A Growing Problem

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Although some people haven’t noticed how many pounds Americans have been putting on in the past few years, obesity is becoming a growing problem in this country. “According to the American Heart Association, as of 2004, among U.S citizens age 20 years and older...64 million are considered obese” (Lee and Brenda Lerner 3066). Obesity is considered a medical condition as it can cause serious problems for someone’s health. Environmental factors have a significant impact on the likelihood that someone may become obese, but treatments and awareness of this condition could help stall or even reverse the rising obesity rates in the United States. Obesity occurs when a person takes in more calories than they burn a day. The body converts calories into energy and when that energy is not used, it is stored in fat cells until it needs to be used. The bigger the fat cells become from energy stored, the more weight someone will gain. To avoid too much fat being stored, one must burn more calories through physical exercise than the calories they eat. One way someone can detect obesity is through BMI, also called Body Mass Index, which helps determine the amount of body fat someone has. Someone with a BMI of 18-25 is considered to have the ideal amount of body fat. Someone with a BMI of 30 or more is considered obese (Fredericks 13). Obesity can be caused by many factors, including the environment one is in. Overeating is a concern when it comes to risk of obesity. Restaurants and…

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