Obesity Is An Issue On A Wide Enough Scale Essay

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Obesity has proven to be an issue on a wide enough scale as in to say the national level, but the issue seems more sever when it is seen closer towards home. According to Open Data Networks and Data USA Clarion County has a population of approximately 39,437. About 33.40% is considered to be overweight. Now narrowing to the town of Clarion with a population of roughly 5,000 people. About 19.5% of the 5000 people living in Clarion are considered to be overweight. That’s 975 people who are considered overweight and that’s 975 people who have a much higher chance to have heart issues or even become diabetic. Now this seems like nothing ,but facts and numbers. Yet these numbers are actual people who live in or near Clarion. My group and I interviewed a small sample size of about seven people who live in Clarion on their thoughts of obesity and their experiences either being obese or witnessing it. We asked three questions. Has obesity ever affected your life or someone you know? Do you believe it to be hereditary or something people gain on their own? Do you believe those who are obese live shorter lives or doesn 't it affect one 's own amount of time?
The first person interviewed was a student at Clarion university named Ryan. When asked. Has obesity ever affected your life or someone you know? He informed us that obesity has an impact on his life and some of his friends back home. He said "Obesity helps to cast people out from enjoying some of the little things in life.…

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