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  • Obesity In Clarion

    Obesity has proven to be an issue on a wide enough scale as in to say the national level, but the issue seems more sever when it is seen closer towards home. According to Open Data Networks and Data USA Clarion County has a population of approximately 39,437. About 33.40% is considered to be overweight. Now narrowing to the town of Clarion with a population of roughly 5,000 people. About 19.5% of the 5000 people living in Clarion are considered to be overweight. That’s 975 people who are considered overweight and that’s 975 people who have a much higher chance to have heart issues or even become diabetic. Now this seems like nothing ,but facts and numbers. Yet these numbers are actual people who live in or near Clarion. My group and I interviewed a small sample size of about seven people who live in Clarion on their thoughts of obesity and their experiences either being obese or witnessing it. We asked three questions. Has…

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  • Why Do Employees Use Online Databases?

    An undergraduate student in Accounting will have different needs from a graduate student in Special Education, who will have even more unique needs from a professor in the Nursing program. The resources being accessed, the databases being used, the inquiries being made, and the books being read will vary for each user. If there is any competition locally, the Clarion Free Library can compete based on what materials, services, and databases are offered as the town’s public library. Other…

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  • Compare And Contrast The Count Of Monte Cristo And Shawshank Redemption

    At the beginning of CMC, with his ship’s captain in need of a physician, Edmond Dantès journeys to the Italian island of Elba where Napoleon Bonaparte is exiled. As repayment for the medical assistance provided, Napoleon gives Dantès a letter to deliver to a man named Monsieur Clarion upon his return to Marseilles. Shortly after arriving in Marseilles Dantès is detained by the French authorities and brought before a magistrate named Villefort. Villefort accuses Dantès of treason because the…

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  • What Is The Importance Of Observation In Biology Class

    On Thursday, December 1st, I observed Mrs. Durish who teaches high school Biology at Clarion Area High School. Clarion Area High School is a public school located in Clarion, Pennsylvania. After being taken to Mrs. Durishs’ classroom, I immediately took notice of the classroom which was a standard biology lab. The black, nonporous lab tables were in five horizontal rows, the three back rows stretching almost the width of the room and the front two rows being split down the middle to act as a…

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  • Analysis Of Famine Affluence And Morality By Peter Singer

    eradication or prevention of famine, disasters or calamities throughout the world. He believes that this can only be accomplished when United States like many developed nations realize that they there is a clarion call of ethical duty upon her to do so. It our opinion that this paper will explain the main objective of Singer’s works so as to understand his arguments regarding famine, affluence, and morality. The paper will also provide the main counter arguments toward his work and his…

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  • Sunrise Service Case Study

    additional problems were getting solved in a way that lesser meetings were required to coordinate between different teams. This is the application of the Reinforcement Theory where Ben created an environment to make the employees behave in a more coordinated way and communicate more. (Organizational communication) Having daily meetings was somewhat that the people found painful to attend and so they tried to improve their communication and coordination in order to not have the need for such…

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  • FBI Agent Job

    reasonably low where I have to count on every paycheck I get just make it by. The median annual wage for police and detectives is $56,980 a year. The lowest 10 percent earned less than $33,060, and the top 10 percent earned more than $93,450. Getting paid overtime is common in a career like this ("Detectives and Agents."). Though you get minimal time to do things with the money like vacations, parties, etc., at least I would know my family is provided for and they have everything they need and…

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  • What Happens After Death In Literature Essay

    and arguably, this could be the main basis of religion. The question of what happens after death is a common theme expressed through many works of literature, such as Obasan by Joy Kogawa, Hamlet by William Shakespeare, “The Open Boat” by Stephen Crane, and the poem “At the River Clarion” by Mary Oliver. Through literature, writers are able to express their own beliefs about what happens after death; many have strong connections and faith in their religion. However, I believe that people should…

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  • Feminism Vs Postmodernism Essay

    In abandoning meta narratives, The Death of History risks jettisoning the long struggle of discovery/recovery of women’s her-story in the name of “rejecting the hegemonic claims of any group or organization to represent the forces of history, or to be acting in their name” (22). This leaves her to ask in what one may imagine in a forlorn voice, “Once this “interest” in recovering the lives and struggles of those “losers” and “victims” of history is lost”, can we produce engaged feminist theory”…

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  • Hotel Marketing Case Study

    + Economy: Microtel, Days Inn, Super 8, Howard Johnson, Travelodge, Knights Inn • Jin Jiang Intercontinental: + Luxury: Jin Jiang hotel, Portofino Hotels & Resorts, H12, Maison Albar hotel, Royal Tulip, + Upper Upscale: Peace Hotel, Park Hotel, Golden Tulip, + Upscale: Sarovar hotels & resorts. + Upper Midscale: Metropole Hotel + Midscale: 7 Days Premium, James Joyce Coffetel, Lavande, ZMAX Hotels, Campanile, + Economy: Jinjiang Inn, Bestay Hotel Express, Magnotel, PAI…

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