Obesity Is A Rising Epidemic Since The Start Of Modern Society

1135 Words Nov 11th, 2015 null Page
Obesity has been a rising epidemic since the start of modern society. It has been affecting both adults and children, in the United States alone 31.8% of the people are obese and a combined percentage of 39% of people younger than 18 (The Infographics Show). Obesity also has caused serious problems, both mentally and physically, causing lifestyle problems to the people affected and an economic problem throughout the country. This is due to some of a more modern style of food available by the ever-growing fast food industry such as McDonalds and Burger King (Currie, Dellavigna, Moretti and Pathania 60). The fast food industry has become a major contender for obesity and people should know about it and how to prevent it. Obese, a term used on people that have a body fat of more than 30%. Due to the increased health risk that comes along with being obese it is considered to be a disease (Baldwin 2). It is a derogatory term in itself for in evolutionary terms being obese is a disadvantage due to not being able to hunt and survive better compared to a fit person (Baldwin 3; Michod 291). It was not always considered a bad thing, for example, back during the renaissance era, being bigger than the average person indicates wealth and power. This is because during that period of time people didn’t have sufficient food supplies to feed everyone, so anyone who had a surplus amount of food is a person who is of high class. This is not the case today, for in today’s age obesity is…

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