Obesity : Fast Food Restaurants Essay

762 Words Nov 8th, 2016 4 Pages
The epidemic that is afflicting our society for many generations now, obesity, is continuing to grow and now has an effect on everyone. More than a third (36%) of the adults in the American population are obese today (CDC). The cost of medical care has also risen alongside obesity rates. When economical issues like this occur, we try to find someone to put the blame on. Our longtime scapegoat for obesity is fast food restaurants. Although fast food restaurants offer items that are classified as unhealthy they cannot be held responsible for our long lasting obesity epidemic in America. Our society has been less responsible when it comes our health and our meal choices. Fast food restaurants have been known to contain unhealthy ingredients in their products that sell at a low cost. The Bariatric Surgery Source stated that “these low prices of fast food encourages people to choose it over more expensive, healthier food, which is a big reason that lower-income individuals are more likely to be obese.” People are more likely to buy a meal that will fill them up for $5 rather than to buy a portion of a healthy meal for the same price. The cost of healthy food is excessively expensive and is causing many families to settle for less. Calorie information is posted on every food item at these restaurants, so consumers ultimately know what they are getting at their own risk. In that sense, the current economic environment we are in is a reason for many people to turn to the food…

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