Obesity Epidemic Paper

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Combating Obesity Epidemic among the Low-Income Groups
Obesity has become an increasingly complex public health issue in the United States. The prevalence of the epidemic has increased dramatically over the past few decades. In the early 1990s, approximately 12 percent of the adults were reported to be obese. The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition postulates that as of 2001, there was a 75 percent increase since about the number of adults who are obese was estimated at 21 percent. In 2015, the number of American adults who are obese stands at 35% (Drewnowski, Adam, and Specter). Obesity has contributed to early death and chronic conditions such as high blood pressure and cancer for thousands of Americans. Obesity has been ranked second
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The low-income group’s cycles of overeating and deprivation. Due to limited financial resources, individuals eat less or skip meals. Subsequently, they tend to overeat when food is available which leads to chronic ups and downs in the intake of food that result in weight gain. Also, the “famine or famine” situation is a substantial challenge for low-income parents, especially mothers. (Yahia, Achkar, Abdallah, and Rizk). The parents restrict their food intake thereby sacrificing their own nutritional intake to safeguard their children from hunger. This coping mechanism increases the risk for …show more content…
The quantity and portions of food consumed away from homes have increased. There is an increased reliance on consuming in food consumption in restaurants which poses an adverse effect on the American diet. People end up consuming more calories, sugars, and fatty foods while lacking in vegetables, fruits, and fiber. To addresses the obesity epidemic, restaurants should take into account health of American population as a top priority. This can be achieved by designing menus for children that constitute less sugar, fat, and low calories. Notably, this could increase the customer base for parents will their children to eat healthily. Restaurants can reduce obesity effectively by providing “health options “and improving the listings of food calories online (Yahia, Achkar, Abdallah, and

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