Obesity And The Causation Of Obesity

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Many people are unaware of the common yet preventable causes seen every day that obesity is capable of producing. Whether it may be because it is cheaper and/or convenient, many people today are not making healthy choices. Restaurants and fast food chains are now introducing bigger portions to satisfy their customers, which more likely will lead to over eating and poor diet. Lack of physical activity is also a key component to the root of obesity considering that those who tend to eat more than recommended are also more likely to move less and stay in one place such as the couch. Genetics have indeed been found to play a role in the causation of obesity. “Scientists have identified a particular variation in a gene associated with fat mass and obesity, called FTO, that increases the risk of excess weight by 20 to 30 percent” (Hales190). Being physically active on a daily basis can most certainly reduce its effect. Social connections and location in fact form a link to obesity. “A 32-year detailed analysis of a large social network of 12,067 people found that when one close friend became obese, the others’ chance of doing the same increased by 171 percent” (Hales 190). Marriage (also another trigger) ties along with the idea of becoming obese: a study involving newlyweds between the ages of 23 through 25 determined that “the more satisfied spouses tended to gain more weight” mainly because the particular partners have found their ideal match and no longer have to worry about

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