Obesity And Obesity : Obesity Essay

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Obesity is a condition where there is a high level of unwanted adipose tissue in the body. The most common nutritional disorders in the United States is Obesity/overweight which is affecting the majority of adults in the country (Wood, Yanovski, & Jack 2002). According to many researches the number of people with obesity and overweight is increasing rapidly, which should alarm health care professionals and public health policy makers because of the deep-rooted relationship between obesity and many chronic medical conditions including type 2 diabetes, hypertension, and osteoarthritis. Metabolic and hormonal effects of high consumption of carbohydrates, fructose, and sugar-sweetened beverages, have been related to low satiation and poor appetite control, which have an increasing role contributing to excess weight gain and interrupt weight loss and weight maintenance. (Hafekost, Lawrence, Mitrou, O 'Sullivan, & Zubrick ,2013). There are many ways to measure the total fat in the body. Body mass index (BMI) is commonly used to measure obesity. A BMI of 30 kg/m² or greater is categorized as obese and a normal or healthy weight person has a BMI of 18.5 – 24.9 kg/m². It is important to distinguish the causes of higher BMI because people with muscular physiques may experience a higher weight that corresponds to the muscle mass within the body; therefore, resulting in a higher BMI (Wood, Yanovski, & Jack 2002).
The total increasing number of obese residents in the United…

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