Fast Food Humor Or Truth

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Humor or truth: A look at obesity and fast food industry
With the power of the Internet, people are more and more concern about their health and the truth behind the food they put in their mouth. These essays ring a bell in every reader’s mind by portraying a vital message about the obesity and the stories behind the fast food industry. With clearly stated facts, numbers from diving into research on the fields, you will have a closer look at how the US has fought back obesity, why is it still an execrable matter that we have to remove, and the unknown side of the fast food chains.
Since the birth of fast food industry, statistic has reported a massive increase in number of obese people. We start to have awareness day for obesity to awake people
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The author starting with a small story which send a strong message to us: we are all too depended on fast food and it has “infiltrated every nook and cranny of American society” (Eric Schlosser). We spend for fast food more than all of our digital and print entertainment forms add up together. As for the reason for the blooming of this industry, he recall back to the 70s when we passed the law allowed women to participate in the work force. Although it is a good sight but it also mean that women won’t have time to spend cooking for family. Hence, the money which they spend for groceries is now turning into fast food orders. This is just the visible part of the iceberg; we are guided by the author deep down into the industry. McDonald’s corporation become the model for the concept of franchising; this is followed by the raise of other brand “Pizza Huts and Taco Bells, Gaps and Banana Republics, Starbucks and Jiffy-Lubes, Foot Lockers, Snip N’ Clips, Sunglass Huts, and Hobbytown USAs. Almost every facet of American life has now been franchised or chained” (Eric Scholosser). The downside of this growth is that you have a massive amount of unskillful employees working in the …show more content…
The restaurant industry is now America’s largest private employer, and it pays some of the lowest wages (Eric Scholosser)
It would be hilarious to consider that these articles just written for fun. They are packed with legitimate information with reliable statistic. The authors have to done lots of research to make sure that they report the true of the obesity and the fast food industry to readers. Through these articles we understand more on the subjects and can learn to do more research to know more about the obesity and the unknown truth of the fast food

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