Obama's Speech: Breast Cancer By Michelle Obama

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Tiffany Yang-Tran
Ms. Demeyer
AP Language and Composition III
24 March 2015

Breast cancer is a disease that affects over 2.8 million people in the United States. It threatens the lives of grandmothers, mothers, daughters, sisters, and more. It is an illness that negatively impacts the body not only physically but also mentally. Only recently has significant progress begun in the quest for a cure. Mrs. Michelle Obama 's speech marks another important moment in the women’s health movement as well as in the nation’s response to cancer related issues. Through carefully structured paragraphs, Michelle Obama makes use of rhetorical devices to emphasize the actions taken in improvement, evolution, and awareness regarding the nation’s status on breast
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This speech updates the public on information about the health care reforms and how they will be impacted. This disease takes a toll not just on the patient but also on his/her friends and family. It is an emotional battle that is unfortunately augmented due to the huge financial detriments caused by inadequate insurance coverage. Michelle Obama acknowledges these people by listening to their stories and letting them know that America is on the fast track to finding a cure (Paris). A large contributing factor for the progress is the patients ' sharing of their stories. Through these stories, the public has learned that being diagnosed with breast cancer is something that is not shameful. The early signs and symptoms should not be ignored until the situation escalates. It is an emotional battle that is difficult for the patient, and his/her family and friends. Breast cancer patients and survivors have shared that it requires great effort to try to accept their misfortune and to try to make the most of it. Some patients try to take charge of the situation by focusing on changing their diet to eliminate red meats and high fat foods, which reduce the growth of cancer cells or exercise. Often times, patients question their will to live. Treatment is costly for the body, soul, and wallet. Expensive out of pocket expenses include chemotherapy, immunotherapy, drugs and more. Immunotherapy alone can cost more than …show more content…
“It’s about the future. That is what we’re fighting for. That’s what we have to remember. That’s what this fight is about.” (Obama 38). Her use of anaphora greatly emphasizes the fact that what we do affects our future and we have a responsibility to take action. To more effectively address her large audience range, Michelle Obama utilizes short phrases and simple diction. People of any race or any place can be affected by breast cancer and it is important that her message is accurately conveyed to the entire audience. In addition, the short syntax establishes a more punctuated, concise, and coherent speech. An important topic covered in speech is the new healthcare plan. It is imperative that all citizens are aware of how the reforms will impact their lives and therefore Michelle Obama clearly stated the immediate effects, “The plans put in place some basic rules of the road to protect you from abuses and unfair practices by insurance companies.” (Obama 29). With simple sentences and direct diction, it is clear that with the new healthcare, citizens are protected from things such as insurance fraud. These simple sentences also often include hortative sentences. “So that’s how health insurance reform will work. That’s how it will help people who have been diagnosed with breast cancer and those who’ve survived the disease. But first we have

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