Essay on Obama 's Speech : Barack Obama

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On July 27, Barack Obama made arguably his most important speech, The Audacity of Hope, at the Democratic National Convention Keynote Address in 2004. These conventions were for political parties to choose their candidate for their nomination, or who they want to approve and classify the candidates as. All the way through his piece, Obama focuses on introducing himself and his history while connecting himself to his audience. In fact, at this time, Barack Obama was a US Senate candidate for the United States president, and in making this speech, was offered a window for raising his approval rating. Throughout The Audacity of Hope speech, Barack Obama implements three main devices to persuade the ambivalent or disagreeing voters: repetition, abstract language, and structure.

Much of Obama’s speech applies repetition devices, principally anaphoras and epistrophes, which imply emphasis and creates charisma for the piece. For instance, one way that he accomplishes this is through the examination to define what phrases to emphasize, including the relevance and persuasive effects. As an illustration, consider this quote: “that we can tuck in our children at night [...]; that we can say what we think [...]; that we can have an idea and start our own business [...]; that we can participate in the political process [...]”. In this sentence separated by semicolons, Obama uses the anaphora of the phrase “that we can” to stress the statement that America is free, and “we” as a…

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