Describe The Nutritional Facts Behind The Food They Eat

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We make food choices every day. What we want for breakfast, dinner, maybe even a snack. Consumers of fast food restaurants know that the food they are eating isn’t good for their health, but continue to eat it anyways. In a study conducted along the east coast where restaurants were required to post nutritional facts about the food they were selling “found no statistically significant differences in calories purchased before and after labeling”. (Ebel, 2010) Labeling which refers to posted calorie and nutritional facts in these restaurants “few considered the information when ordering”. When customers go out to fast food restaurants they know the nutritional consequences, but chose the greasy taste. They also understand the health factors that come with choosing the processed unhealthy food, like obesity, heart disease, and diabetes. Customers know the nutritional facts behind the food they eat, but chose to still eat it.
Since customers realize the nutrition behind the food, they should take into account what they’re eating. Customers choose healthier food if they see the calorie and nutrition facts right in front of them. In a study done in New York, “72% of customers at fast food chains who saw calorie information
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Countries like India and Africa are starting to experience the “American lifestyle” of fast food. In an article written by a journalist who has spent the last two years in Africa she said “Fast food arrived in Ghana… and some haven’t considered what they were eating might not be good for their health.” (Dionne Searcey, 2017) Countries that have not experienced or aren’t used to fast foods don’t understand the health risks they’re taking. These rural countries also don’t have the healthcare facilities needed to care for the diseases that the fast food lifestyle brings. Other countries haven’t lived that type of lifestyle and are deciding to try it

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