Nutrition : Nutrition And Nutrition Essay

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Sabeena Jagdeo
02 May, 2016
Hour 6
Nutrition Reflection
The definition of nutrition is ¨the process of providing or obtaining the food necessary for health and growth.” Before this unit I didn’t understand what nutrition was. To me it was just eating the 2,000 calories a day, getting exercise, and eating foods from every food group. After this unit I learned that nutrition is much more than that. There are many parts that go into how we get our nutrients, and how we need to stay healthy. Some major things that go into it are; our daily diet, exercise, fat, hunger, and the labels on our food. By getting a better idea about these main subjects; I learned that you can improve your diet, and have a healthier life.
The one thing I learned from this nutrition unit was our daily diet affects everything. By tracking my diet for two weeks on My Fitness Pal, it showed me that the types of food that we think are healthy are not always that healthy. Before the tracking I knew that I was not the healthiest person. I eat junk food here and there, but I also thought I was healthy, getting the right amount of the six major nutrients in our body. Turns out that my body is getting way more of certain nutrients than I should be getting. When I learned about this I tried to cut back on the food that had things like high sodium or sugar. Which is what I should be doing to improve my diet.
After finding out that my foods had way more nutrients than I should be getting. It really made me…

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