Nursing With The New Heathcare Reform Essay

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NURSING WITH THE NEW HEATHCARE REFORM 2 Transitioning from the hospital and working for the local department of Health and Human Services as a registered nurse is the dream job. The position is first shift, no required weekends and absolutely no on call. The days of being requested to come “help on the unit” have completely diminished. Employee insurance is provided with a nominal monthly payment and low copayments for office or emergency care visits. Twelve calendar paid days a year, guaranteed Christmas, Easter and Thanksgiving Day off without the hassle of shift switching. A state retirement and a lifetime pension plan, depending on years of service pension can be transferred to spouse. Never did the thought occur regarding how the government regulates healthcare delivery and the direct relationship is has on all program funding at local health departments. During my employment at the department of Health and Human Services nearly every year issues arise and nurses are requested to notify local city council members and state officials with a letter or phone call. These notifications are designed to justify or plea importance of programs and request funding be continued. Healthcare delivery is constantly evolving which causes health professionals to question what circumstances lead to healthcare reform, how the nursing profession will be impacted and imagine what the future holds for healthcare in the United States.…

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