Essay on Nursing School : Expectations And Realities

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Nursing School: expectations and realities.
Three years ago I came to this great country following a goal, a dream, and looking for new opportunities. I never thought that today I would be studying nursing. Honestly, these ideas never crossed my mind after having been a doctor for 20 years in Cuba. Being an immigrant includes many barriers to overcome: but there is no time for fears and hesitations, the goal was already drawn and now is the time to act. Few times we find good opportunities to study, and this one in particular, I would not lose it. Studying nursing for me would be like starting over, but not at all, because this would allow me to get closer to what I 've always liked, patient care. The choice of starting nursing school would mean a particularly difficult period in my life that would imply a careful effort to keep the study and my daily life, work and family. Simultaneously, it filled me with many questions: Classes in a new language would allow me to interact with teachers and at the same time learn from them? Many new subjects would be taught in the college courses? How would be the interaction with the classmates?
Studying in the United States means a new challenge for me since English is the main language, while Spanish is my native language, which would mean a double effort to learn and try to master a new language, a fundamental key to ensure good communication and interaction with teachers in class. It is very difficult for those not fluent in the…

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