Importance Of Competencies In Nursing Education

Nursing: In Safe Hands
One thing that is continuously spoken about in school and in clinical rotations is patient safety. The Massachusetts Department of Higher Education has created ten Core Competencies for the nurse of the future. “In the model, nursing knowledge has been placed at the core to represent how nursing knowledge in its totality reflects the overarching art and science of the nursing profession and discipline” (Massachusettes Department of Higher Education, 2010). Knowledge acquired during nursing education will help the ability to be able to practice each one of these competencies which show nursing as both an art and a science. Nursing education provides the rationale for why these competencies are practiced while allowing freedom of how practice them. One of the most important competencies for the nurse of the future is being aware of and practicing an increased level of patient safety. At the bedside, we as nurses, are the people who have the most direct contact with patients and are the most involved with their care. Between the nurse and the physician, there is a fundamental need to practice basic safety measures to
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