Nursing Case Study: Ethical-Moral Dilemmas In Nursing Practice

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A Case Study Review Analysis Ethical-moral dilemma is an important factor that nurses face every day in their daily nursing practice. A dilemma is the problem with two options to resolve the situation ethically. “Fant (2012) states, there is no satisfactory solution. While taking ethical decision for a particular ethical dilemma, there may have different options and none of those could be right or wrong”. Thus, it becomes difficult for nurses to take decision. Nurses are ethically responsible to do what is best for the patient and cause no harm to them. The ethical decision taken by the nurses depends upon their knowledge, values, beliefs, ethics and experience. Therefore, there is no set rules that regulate the ethics. Use of ethical …show more content…
She was feeling guilt from her inside that, it will not be morally right if she just ignore it and do not mention anything to the doctor. The desired goal was not to harm the patient. Here we can apply Kant’s deontological theory of ethics, “To treat another person as an end, is to make his or her ends your own, and to act toward his or her goals as you naturally do toward your own” (Burkhardt & Nathaniel, 2014, p.45). In this case the patient’s desired goal was to get well. That should be the nurse’s goal, too. “Burkhardt and Nathaniel (2014) states, the nurse should not use the patient simply as a source of pay check”. …show more content…
Her conflict is telling the truth versus deception. She wants to follow the principle of veracity, which means telling the truth. Honesty is always the best policy. In this case, the values of the student nurse is highly affected. As a new nurse she needs to have a moral courage to take that decision into action. The risk of telling the truth could affect her job status. She may face difficulty in keeping the job and could face isolation from the co-workers. Despite of consequences, she should practice to follow the guidelines of Code of Ethics by American Nurses Association. She should do what she thinks is right and just. According to Burkhardt and Nathaniel (2014), “all nursing codes of ethics states, honesty and telling truth promotes respect, open communication, trust and shared responsibility” (p.73). Since she is new in the field of nursing and have to go long way in her carrier. She should guide her-self to the right direction and follow the ethical principles. The guidelines of ethics gives nurses an idea for taking decision, but does not tell what to do in a particular situation. She should use her own moral beliefs to be honest, loyal, devoted, trustworthy and compassionate. Honesty is the first and foremost principle, a nurse requires to build a trustworthy relationship with patients as well as co-workers. Truthfulness and integrity are the

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