Essay on Nursing And Career Goals Of Nursing

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Nursing had experienced abundant transformation in the last 20 years. The advancement of the profession, and progression from care worker to knowledge worker has shown the survival and value of nurses. It has also given a preview of the future of nursing. Finding nursing’s path in a world of innovation and technology has been complex. Looking to the past, there has been a shift from nurse’s responsibility lying mostly in patient care tasks and concentrating on doctor orders, to the focus being on nursing care through innovation.

Nursing’s Past
Nursing has an intriguing past full of remarkable people who have aided in driving the profession into what it is today. Nursing’s turn to professional education took place in the late 1800 when schools of nursing started to open, using advances in nursing introduced by Florence Nightingale. In the1890s two professional nursing organizations formed: the American Society of Superintendents of Training Schools for Nurses, which turned into the National League of Nursing Education; and the Associated Alumnae of the United States, later renamed the American Nurses Association (Whelan, 2012). These professional organizations paved the way to registration requirements for nursing and standards of care.
In the early 20th century Lillian Ward introduced the concept of Public Health Nursing. She felt that it was important for nurses to not only provide bedside care to patients, but also be able to identify causes of illness. Ward understood…

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