Essay on Nurses Responsibility Of Preserving Patient Dignity

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Nurses responsibility in preserving patient dignity
“Dignity is a basic human right and every individual deserves to be treated with dignity and respect (Amnesty International,1948)” (Matiti & Trorey,2008.p.2709).Dignity comprises the positive feelings that the individual has for oneself including self- esteem, respect, trust, self- worth ,honoring and valuing oneself (Baillie,2009).Even though, maintaining dignity is important in every profession, it is more relevant in healthcare because its maintenance can provide the patients with emotional comfort that may help in recovery. Since nurses are the frontline workers in the healthcare and taking care of patients, they have an indispensable responsibility in preserving and protecting the dignity of their patients thereby enhancing quality of care and speedy recovery. The importance of patient dignity is stated in various professional nursing bodies` code of ethics which makes it apparent that nurses have the obligation to preserve the dignity of their patients regardless of their physical, emotional and social status. This paper mainly discusses the role of nurses in maintaining and protecting the dignity of their patients.
Background Research The word ‘dignity’ is derived from the two Latin words: dignus meaning worthy and dignitas, meaning merit or worth (Mairis, 1993). Even though the term ‘dignity’ is widely used, it is abstract and has seemed a difficult term to…

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