Nurses Must Overcome Other Organizational Barriers Essay

1070 Words Mar 22nd, 2016 null Page
Some individual barriers can be associated with the organization. However, nurses must overcome other organizational barriers. Examples are administrative constraints such as a lack of funding for skill development, opposing managerial priorities, or a lack of support from management and administration (Udod & Care, 2006). Other workplace barriers are difficulty accessing journals and evidence to support EBP, peer pressure to continue traditional practices, patient demands for widely prescribed treatment, and heavy patient loads which prevent learning and EBP implementation (Melnyk & Fineout-Overholt, 2005).
Nursing professionals face environmental barriers, as well, in the implementation of EBP. EBP can be affected by government policy or may be controlled by laws and legislation. An example is the use of medical marijuana for nausea and anorexia in cancer patients, which is illegal in many states. Coworkers and managers with different agendas in the workplace can be considered an environmental barrier to change. Occasionally an organization has such a fast moving culture of change, it leaves nurses too overwhelmed to cope (Udod & Care, 2006).
Finally, there are communication barriers in every aspect of life. The implementation of EBP can be affected by a lack of appropriate collaboration and communication between every level of provider involved including researchers, nurses, educators, managers, and administrators (Thompson, Bell & Prevost, 1999). Communication errors and…

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