Nurse Laura Receives Bedside Shift Report On Her Patient Controlled Analgesia ( Pca )

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Nurse Laura receives bedside shift report on her post-operative patient, Mrs. Jones, who underwent lumbar surgery this afternoon. The patient’s husband is at the bedside and the patient is complaining of nausea and 7/10 pain to her back. The off-going nurse explains that she educated Mrs. Jones on how to properly use her Patient Controlled Analgesia (PCA), but the off-going nurse reports that Mrs. Jones has upper extremity weakness and may not be physically able to use the PCA efficiently. To ensure Mrs. Jones is not in pain, the off-going nurse has administered Percocet 7.5mg by mouth to Mrs. Jones, which was effective for about three hours. Mrs. Jones’ adult daughter was at the bedside most of the shift because Mr. Jones was at work.
After shift report, Mr. Jones calls Nurse Laura into the room. Mrs. Jones is still nauseated and complaining of back pain 7/10. Nurse Laura administers 12.5 mg Phenergan intravenously for the nausea and educates Mrs. Jones on the use of the PCA. Nurse Laura observes Mrs. Jones press the PCA button and by the time Nurse Laura finishes assessing Mrs. Jones, the patient is asleep.
An hour later Mr. Jones calls Nurse Laura back into the room. Mrs. Jones will not wake up for him and he is concerned. Mrs. Jones’ vital signs are unchanged and stable. Mrs. Jones’ eyes open with sternal rub. Nurse Laura explains to Mr. Jones that his wife is comfortable and needs to sleep off the anesthesia and pain medications and she will wake up. Mr. Jones is not…

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