Nurse Informatics Specialist Essay

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Information Technology allows health care providers to collect, store, retrieve and transfer information electronically. More specific discussion of IT in health care is challenging due to lack of specific definitions, the volume of applications and a rapid pace of change in technology. Information technology has the potential to improve the quality, safety and efficiency of health care. The health care system generally uses less IT than other industries. IT increases the ability of physicians, nurses, clinical technicians, and others to readily access and use the right information about their patients to Improve care. Studies have shown that better technologies leads to better care.
Nursing Information Specialist is a nurse who
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Nursing information integrates technical knowledge, quality control and the clinical and administrative documentation of services provided. Clinical Nurse Information Specialist is responsible for participating in planning, development, training, Evaluate.
We have a clinical Nurse Information specialist employed in our hospital since it’s also a teaching hospital. Our Nursing Informatics Specialist supports the nursing work processes using technology. INS re – engineer clinical workflow and facilitate change management between the acute care, ambulatory care, home health and outpatient settings. INS supports the software development, Long – term care. Tele health. She analyzes clinical and financial data, promotes and facilitates access to resources and references, enhances continuity of care. The clinical Nurse Information Specialist provides nursing content to standardized Languages. INS is responsible to improve relationships between providers and recipients of health care. Primary goal for them is to enable cost savings and productivity. The scope of INS varies from Administration, leadership and management. She analyzes compliances, integrity management, consultation, facilitation, integration development. She conducts research to improve professional and educational development of information technology and develops policy for hospital settings

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