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NUR 403 Entire Course
For more classes visit NUR 403 Professional Values Assignment
NUR 403 Case Study
NUR 403 Watson’s Theory of Caring Paper
NUR 403 Case Study Presentation
NUR 403 Week 1 Assignment Professional Values Assignment For more classes visit Resources: Electronic Reserve Readings and Professional Values for the BSN Student on the Materials page of the student website
Write a 30- to 50-word response in each box on the form that describes your understanding of the values for the BSN student. Your response must:

Define the concepts of altruism, autonomy, human dignity, integrity, and social justice.
Describe how each value
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Using the Problem, Etiology, and Signs and Symptoms (PES) format and the NANDA classification system, formulate an appropriate nursing diagnosis to the case study.
Apply appropriate NOC and NIC to selected nursing diagnosis.
Prepare a presentation consisting of 10 to 15 slides appropriate to the presenter's audience that includes:
A summary of the case scenario
Speaker notes with no more than 150 words per slide
Citations for a minimum of six peer-reviewed references
A logical conclusion that flows from the body of the presentation, and reviews the major points.
One team member to post assignment to assignment section along with a COO and Turnitin report.
Each team member must submit an individual peer evaluation form to their IF.

NUR 403 Week 5 Assignment Watson’s Theory of Caring Paper For more classes visit Write an 1,800- to 2,000-word paper using APA format in which you briefly describe background Jean Watson’s theory of caring. The paper must:
Describe the background and major concepts of Watson’s theory.
Apply theory to an actual nurse and patient interaction, also known as the caring moment.
Describe the context of the caring moment.
Comprise at least 50% of the paper’s total content in response to the following:
Analyze major theory assumptions related to person, health, nursing, and environment in the context of the caring

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