Good And Evil In Mere Christianity, By C. S. Lewis

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Socratic Club Essay Good and Evil. The two forces that are always in opposition throughout the entirety of our lives. This opposition is seen everywhere we go. It might be in school, work, athletics, or even at home. There seems to be one way that we deem good, and the other is automatically deemed ‘bad’ or evil. This constant opposition from the two forces has come to be known as Dualism. Now the idea of Dualism itself is not so hard to grasp. The battle of good and evil is all around us. Many believe this idea adamantly, while others do so without knowing all of what Dualism is. There are a few rules that make Dualism a harder idea to grasp, especially for religious folk. In Mere Christianity, C.S. Lewis takes the ideas of Dualism …show more content…
Satan versus Christ is just another way to describe Good versus Evil. Although Satan is ever-present in the world, and is vigorously spreading his thoughts and beliefs to those around, his ideas aren’t even close to matching the greatness of Christ. Forgive me for a moment, but I’d like to redirect the ideals of Satan back to my previous discussion on independence. Satan, who I’m describing as the Evil being in this case, is another example of this ‘spoiled goodness’ that C.S. Lewis talks about. Once an angel, Satan fell from his place as a good being to one of lies, deceit, and trickery. Though his tempting and deceiving are wrong and awful things, they still are not independent from the idea of goodness. Like I stated above, even Satan uses good and pleasurable things in the wrong way, thus we believe him to be evil, and even go so far to call him the high and mighty Evil One that Dualism speaks of. Going back to what I said about equality, this is where Christians have to abandon the thoughts and beliefs of Dualism as a whole. One of the greatest beliefs that us as Christians have deals with the awe-inspiring omnipotence of God. God, Christ, the Trinity, and any other word that we use for Him is the same, and that person is the most imposing and greatest thing in the universe. No other man, woman, child, or creature can stand in His presence and be on equal footing. C.S. Lewis states this, and I truly believe that the majority of Christians would believe this also. This belief in itself makes all believers discard the idea of Dualism. Their idea of equality between the two beings would place Satan on an equal level as God. Through the entirety of the Bible, we are never treated to stories of Satan conquering God, or Satan foiling God’s plans, or anything of the sort. What we are treated to shows how God is the conqueror, and how Satan is merely a thorn is His

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