Nuclear Waste Storage : A Nuclear Repository Within Yucca Mountain

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Centralized Nuclear Waste Storage
America produces approximately one-fifth of its electricity through nuclear power generation. Consequently, These nuclear reactors also create high-level nuclear waste. Imperatively, the nation must find a way on how to store its nuclear waste. Yucca Mountain in the state of Nevada was identified by the Department of Energy and subsequently approved by both the Congressional and the Executive branches of government as a repository site for nuclear waste. However, Nevada State Politicians, in a desire to get elected, provide ample subjective evidence that nuclear waste has disadvantages, Department of Energy and United States Nuclear Regulatory Commission research on nuclear waste storage and economic advantages for Nevada provided evidence that Yucca Mountain should be utilized. Fundamentally, this essay will briefly state the requirements for nuclear waste and seeks to examine the advantages for the state of Nevada in having a nuclear repository within Yucca Mountain. The treatise also discusses the benefits of the country having a centralized nuclear storage area. Once again, a centralized nuclear waste storage area is more advantageous for both Nevada and the United States.
Requirements for Nuclear waste storage.
Fundamentally, the lack of a centralized nuclear waste storage place or site leaves all nuclear-generated waste to be stored in a dry-cast storage facility at sites of their generation, and such a situation creates…

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