Nuclear Power : A Controversial Topic Essay example

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Nuclear Power
Nuclear power is a very controversial topic. While there are clear benefits to this type of energy, there have been devastating incidents with very high death rates. Radiation, a by-product of nuclear power, is a very dangerous side-effect that comes along with nuclear power. Though it is used in many positive ways, such as in health procedures, it is harmful to human tissue. The consequences of using nuclear power need to be thoroughly examined before a decision is made.
The dangers of nuclear power are numerous, but it should not go unmentioned that nuclear power is extremely beneficial in terms of decreasing the pollutants that are continually released into the atmosphere, the amount of energy per gram produced, and the cost. Nuclear power is advantageous in that it is a clean source of energy in that it does not produce greenhouse gases that pollute the atmosphere. While fossil fuels emit harmful gases such as carbon dioxide and nitrous oxide, nuclear power is emission-free. These gases help to contribute to global warming; nuclear power, on the other hand, will not. Second, nuclear fission also generates more energy per gram than fossil fuels such as coal or oil. In fact, one kilogram of Uranium-235 can generate the same amount of energy as an explosion of 20,000 tons of dynamite. In addition, nuclear power is a cheap source of energy. Although power plants are expensive to build, they are relatively cheap to maintain. Within operating costs resides…

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