Nuclear Energy Is The Nation 's Main Power Source Essay example

934 Words Nov 18th, 2016 4 Pages
• My topic is nuclear energy and my proposal is that the Unites States should utilize nuclear energy as the nation’s main power source. My research goals include finding statistics of refueling cycles and the reliability of nuclear, coal and gas power plants. In addition, I plan on finding what nuclear energy is and how it is produced. Furthermore, I need to understand the cost of building and running nuclear, coal and gas plants annually. The most important research goal is to find counterarguments to each of my main points and having evidence to back up each counterargument fairly. When I started my research, I looked for the advantages and disadvantages of nuclear energy. I chose that as my starting point, because the disadvantages give me counterarguments.
• My research led me to my first source written by Mathias Aarre Maehlum. I chose this source was because it was an organization that gives the public information about different types of energy including nuclear energy. This source also gave bulletins of advantages and disadvantages of nuclear energy with a brief explanation underneath. This source supplied me with different counterarguments for my essay. The first source led me to my second source titled “Thorium”, because in Maehlum’s article there was a bulletin on thorium, which is said to be a greener alternative to uranium. The article “Thorium” gave an entire background on the element including the natural sources of thorium, how it can be used as nuclear fuel…

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