Essay on Nuclear Chemistry And Its Effects

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On December 12, 2015, the world came together in Paris and for the first time addressed global warming. It was determined that the world’s goal by 2050 would be to keep global temperature increases under 2 degrees Celsius. With such high expectations, the US and other countries around the world need to invest in new power producing technologies in order to phase out the fossil fuel industry. While renewable energy sources such as solar and wind are the best long term solutions, their unreliable, inefficient, and expensive technologies make them unusable to reach the 2050 goals. To reach the desired carbon goal, countries around the world need to invest in nuclear power because it provides an efficient, sustainable, and growable future.
In order to better understand nuclear power, we first need to look at Nuclear Chemistry and it’s history. Nuclear Chemistry started in 1895, when William Conrad Roentgen discovered x-rays. Three years later Marie Curie discovered that certain elements were giving off particles. In a metal foil experiment, Ernest Rutherford discovered what the particles were; Alpha, Beta, and Gamma radiation. In just these few years those great scientists made and defined Nuclear Chemistry as we know it today. By 1903, it was concluded that elements become less radioactive over time or in other words the growth and decay curves theories were beginning to be developed. After many years of hard work and experimenting, scientists made their first nuclear…

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