Essay on Nsa Should Be Shut Down

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NSA Should be Shut Down
The National Security Agency (NSA) is created in 1952 to protect national communication systems and seek information about foreign government’s secret communications. The organization consist a large amount of the workforce, which they design cryptographic systems to guard national security and spy on foreign governments’ movements. However, NSA became more strict with tighter security on all the American citizens after the 9/11 attack. NSA has taken away people’s freedom by spying on everyone’s action in the United States, and the Patriot Act legalized the NSA invasion on the citizens’ privacy (Rouse). Not only the NSA makes people uncomfortable, the government spends excessive amounts of money on it and still cannot prevent all the crimes. The government should shut down the NSA because it has violated the American citizens’ freedom, privacy, and ineffective in protecting the country.
NSA has violated the freedom of the American citizens. Under the fourth amendment to the Constitution, it prohibits unreasonable searches, and seizures, and requires a warrant to search. NSA takes these rights away. Former NSA programmer, Bill Binney said, “The NSA has had no reservation in violating the Constitutional rights of every citizen in the US” (O 'Cleirigh). When NSA is investigating about terrorism or a spy from a foreign country, they would collect any information that is regarded to the case, not just information about possible suspects. As long as the…

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